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Dawn Aspaas, Broker

Dawn brings over 34 years of business acumen to her company. In addition to her experience in real estate (property management, commercial, residential sales and leasing experience) and business consulting, Dawn has a background steeped in business ownership, electronic media and print sales, general management, business to business sales and customer service.  Throw in a few years of kids, marriage and life happens -- it gives her a strong circle to work with others.

Dawn has always paid close attention to what is the absolute best for the people she works with. She has a keen ability to notice strengths in others and has proven to be a major contributor in the success of companies she has represented through the years.  You can always find Dawn helping her clients iron out their business and life challenges. She encourages people to take their dreams to the goal state then, work with them to obtain those goals and beyond.   Dawn’s life motto is twofold…”Goals are funny things, they don’t work unless you do!” AND “Life, it’s just not about Me!”

Dawn Aspaas, Broker

Office: 605-274-0674

Cell: 605-310-8999

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